Drug Testing 101: Things You Should Do Before The Test

Drug testing is becoming an ever present requirement in almost any job. Initially, the drug test was only required in industries and jobs that are mandated by law such as safety, transportation, aviation, transit, and defense but it is becoming a pre-employment requirement of almost every company. Organizations carry out drug tests to ensure that employees are not intoxicated during working hours, which can put the health of other employees at a risk. Studies have also shown that the use of drugs comes with high medical bills for institutions and hence, the need to ensure that the employees are not using drugs.

The use of drugs is also known to contribute to absenteeism, which affects the productivity of employees. The drug tests are usually governed by policies that direct when they should happen and what will happen next if an employee tests positive. In most occasions, if employees test positive during a drug test, they will likely be sacked. If it was a pre-employment drug test, the company will not hire the employee. Therefore, it is no wonder that drug tests are highly feared and detested by all employees. Thankfully, on most occasions, the employees will be notified about the need to take a drug test a few days or weeks before the actual date of test given them a period to prepare.

How to prepare for a drug test

How to prepare for drug tests depends on many factors including the drug involved, type of drug testing and the period available to prepare. For example, how you would prepare for a test that will happen in three days is different from how you would prepare for a test in 15 days. Furthermore, how you a marijuana user would prepare for a test is different from how an alcohol user would prepare for a test due to the life span of the drugs.

That said, there are a few things one should do when preparing for a test. The first thing is to stop using drugs. Drug tests have the ability to detect drug residue in your system and thus, it is important to stop using drugs immediately you learn about the test to give your body enough time to flush out the residue. If you have not taken drugs for some days, your first thing should be to test yourself. With a readily available home detection kit, you will be able to tell whether there is a reason to worry.

If the tests come out positive, you should look for ways to speed up flushing of the drug residue from your system. There are several techniques you can use to flush out drug residue but the ideal technique depends on the time available. One way you can quicken the process is drinking more water. Drinking more water or fluids will increase the number of times you will need to urinate and consequently increase the amounts of toxins your body flushes out in a day. Another technique used to help flush out toxins from the body is taking high doses of B-complex vitamins. In most occasions, vitamin B-complex is used to add color to urine to make it appear less diluted.

Another important thing you should give preference when preparing for a drug test is the type of drug testing. Most organizations use one of the four major drug testing methods that include urine, blood, saliva, and hair follicle testing. For urine tests, you can consider cheating if the time available is not adequate to flush out toxins from your system naturally. You only need to buy a quality fake pee and safely smuggle it to the lab to pass the test. However, in cases of blood testing, hair testing, and saliva, it is difficult to fake the test as they do not have a privacy period. In cases of blood and saliva testing, your best way to pass the tests is to delay tests until the residue flushes out of the system. In the case of hair follicle testing, there are special shampoos that claim to help individuals pass the test.


It is important to note that drug testing labs now use advanced technology to detect the drugs, which makes it very difficult to fake the test. Therefore, if you are thinking of cheating your way into passing a drug test, it is important to use high quality proven products otherwise your efforts will be in vain.